Installing a Door Lining

When installing a door lining, it is important to make sure it is level. This is important to make sure it will not move when the door is opened and closed. Also, the corners of the lining should be at a 90deg angle. Allow a certain amount of room between the lining and opening for adjustment.

89mm CLS door lining

If you’re considering replacing the lining of your existing door, then you may want to consider buying 89mm CLS door lining. This particular type of door lining is a smooth, planed wood product that’s easy to apply. It’s also available in both painted and stain versions.

There are many different options available to fit your door’s depth. Make sure you measure the height and width of your existing rough opening before you buy a door lining kit. If your rough opening is wider than your lining kit, you’ll need to make sure it’s larger than the thickness of the timber in theĀ door lining lining kit. You’ll also want to make sure you leave at least 10mm on each side of the rough opening to accommodate the lining kit.

89mm CLS lining

If you’re putting in a new internal door, you might want to consider using 89mm CLS door lining. This timber is smooth and planed, making it much easier to work with. Most timber merchants stock it, as do some builders’ merchants. However, don’t expect to find 89mm lining at big DIY outlets. You’ll need to find a local specialist, as the supply chain for this type of door lining is relatively small.

89mm CLS door lining is available in a variety of depths. You must make sure to choose the correct one based on the size of your rough opening. Typically, rough openings are 100mm deep for new blockwork, and 131mm for a standard door.

89mm CLS lining with trenched head

89mm CLS door lining with a trenched head is a versatile door lining with a housing and head that are the same thickness. It can be used on either side of the door. It also has a half tenon at the top of the leg. The housing is designed to accommodate two door sizes.

CLS is fully certified for internal doors and is suitable for most Wickes internal doors. The height of the door opening should be about 2005mm. The width of the frame should be at least 3 inches larger than the opening. Doors that are fitted with trenched heads have a higher opening height than standard doors.

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