The Reclassification of Ethicon Surgical

Ethicon Surgical Staples Lawsuit

There are several different issues that can be the basis for an Ethicon Surgical Staples lawsuit. One of the most common is the failure of the staples to form properly. Another issue is that a component is not up to specification. There may also be a class action lawsuit based on these issues. The article below explores some of the most common claims that may be included in an Ethicon Surgical Staples lawsuit.

Reclassification of Ethicon Surgical Staples

Staplers Lawsuit is a lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of surgical staplers. Surgical Staples Lawsuit  Ethicon Surgical Staples Lawsuit   were manufactured by Ethicon and contain components that are not in compliance with specifications, leading to malformed staples. Malformed staples can lead to serious injuries or complications during surgical procedures. In addition to these incidents, there have been seven reports of serious injuries, including one fatality.

The FDA’s reclassification process is a process that ensures that only the safest products are sold. Medtronic, the company that manufactures Ethicon surgical staplers, has a reporting exemption that allows them to privately report adverse events to the agency. Using this exemption, Medtronic can improve their products and promote safety. While a reclassification lawsuit is more complex, it can still help you recover substantial financial compensation.

Classification of Ethicon Surgical Staples as mass torts

In a recent case, a jury awarded a woman from San Jose, California, $80 million in damages against Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Ethicon for faulty surgical staplers. The staples ripped through the patient’s anus, causing scarring and deformation. As a result, the woman had to undergo a colostomy. She sued the company, which was later forced to recall similar models.

The faulty surgical staplers caused complications, such as bleeding, sepsis, and infection. Many patients were left with permanent scarring, requiring additional surgeries or alternative surgical closures. The injuries caused by the staplers were so severe that many patients died. As a result, victims of Ethicon Surgical Staples may be eligible for a class action lawsuit against the company.

Litigation involving Ethicon Surgical Staples

The case revolves around the Ethicon Surgical Staples and their defective design and manufacturing. A patient underwent gastrointestinal surgery in April 2019 and a stapler manufactured by Ethicon malfunctioned during the procedure. He suffered severe abdominal pain and high fever after the surgery. He had to have additional surgery to correct the anastomotic leak that resulted from the staples. In the lawsuit, he was awarded compensation for his medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to his recovery.

A man named Steven Ergler filed a lawsuit against Ethicon, a manufacturer of medical staples. Ergler’s surgery caused his staples to break and leak, resulting in a life-threatening infection and the stapler failing to form a proper staple. After the surgery, Ergler was left with several hernias and underwent additional surgeries. He won his case against Ethicon and received a large compensatory damages award.

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