Top Interior Design Firms in OSLO

When it comes to choosing a top interior design firm in OSLO like , it’s important to choose one that specializes in working with contemporary clients. Norwegian-born Anemone Wille Vage, one of the leading interior designers in the world, has worked with clients around the world to create a variety of unique environments. Her work has a classic, yet contemporary, feel and she strives to provide practical solutions for her clients.

Interior design oslo

Luxbostyle is a firm that specializes in luxurious and functional interiors. Founded by Kristin Strand Orseng, Luxbostyle has over ten years of experience in the field. She works with clients to create spaces that are both functional and inspiring. Orseng Interiorarkitektur is another company in Oslo that provides complete interior solutions for public and private environments. Their design team works closely with you to create unique, inspiring rooms and spaces.

Orseng Interiorarkitektur is another interior design firm in Oslo. Run by Kristin Strand Orseng, this company specializes in both small and large projects. With a team of seven interior architects and two managers, they offer comprehensive interior solutions for both new construction and remodeling. Whether you need a small, private residence or a luxury apartment, the team at Luxbostyle will ensure that the space is beautiful and functional.

Hanne Gathe is another interior design firm in Oslo that specializes in luxury residential design. She has spent over a decade working with international clients and opened her own company in 2019. With over a decade of international experience, Hanne Gathe has an impressive portfolio of projects. She also manages Christian’s & Hennie, which is an architectural firm with seven interior designers. You can trust Hanne Gathe’s team for all of your design needs.

YSA DESIGN was established in 1985. Currently, it specializes in luxury residential and hospitality projects, but its work also includes commercial and industrial projects. In addition to the cruise ship industry, YSA DESIGN has a growing portfolio, and it has completed a number of land-based design commissions. It’s a top interior design studio in Oslo. And it’s possible to work with many different designers in the city, as long as you know where to look.

There are a lot of different interior design firms in Oslo. However, there are a few that are better than others. These companies are known for their passion, sensitivity, and their ability to tailor designs to clients’ individual needs. They are also known for their extensive knowledge of interior design, which allows them to create custom-designed solutions for their clients. They use computer applications to create and source materials for their clients.

Another interior design firm located in the heart of Oslo is Mondo Interior. It was created by Hanne Sjoholt, an internationally-experienced interior designer, and has recently opened its own office. Located in the city center, Mondo Interior specializes in high-end residential and hospitality projects. Its founder, Laila Sjoholt, has a degree in architecture, and she works with many international clients.

FabLab Design AS is a highly acclaimed interior design studio in Oslo. This design studio focuses on a client’s wishes and wants. Unlike most other interior designers, it has a long list of satisfied clients and a diverse portfolio. In fact, its designs have been featured in prestigious interior design magazines, such as ELLE Decor. YSA DESIGN is a creative interior design agency with a very broad clientele.

The work of this interior design firm is diverse. Its clients include architects, designers, and homeowners, and they are often hired to make sure that everything is functional and beautiful. The company specializes in both new construction and remodeling, and combines modern and classic interior styles in their projects. Its mission is to give clients the best possible experience in their interior design project. You can also find many talented Scandinavian designers. And remember to keep in mind your budget!

The Alto desk was created by an Oslo-based designer, Andreas Engesvik. Its minimalist form and function combine classic elements of midcentury design. Its minimalist style has a classic look and feels comfortable in any home. It also features a sleek, minimalist design that will add a contemporary twist to any home. Its clean, minimalist form makes it a versatile piece of furniture. Its designers use Scandinavian-style wood to make its products.

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