Brighton IL People with psychic abilities

In addition to psychic readings, this company offers a variety of other mystical and divination methods. Some of these include runes, tarot, numerology, handwriting analysis and crystal healings. They offer both individual and group psychic sessions in their historic Victorian Readings & Oddities Parlor. They also offer a Psychic Mediumship workshop and meditation classes.

Unlike other psychics, this expert says her goal is not to predict the future, but rather to help people unlock answers and open doors to the future. She uses a combination of clairvoyant and telepathic abilities as well as sound and crystal healing to help people find peace and live their best life.

This talented entertainer performs Mind Reading, Hypnotism and Fortune Telling shows for private and corporate events. He has over 25 years of experience and is guaranteed to thrill your guests at your next event!

A clairvoyant and psychic psychic in Northfield IL medium, this expert specializes in relationships, family, health and finances. She began her career as a psychic in 1984 and has a long list of happy clients. She is also a certified crystal healer and happiness life coach and uses her skills to help others navigate the challenges of everyday life. Her unique ability to see and hear the spirits of those who have passed on allows her to offer clarity, insight and comfort.

A contemporary psychic might offer services such as clairvoyant readings, life coaching, dream analysis, tarot card reading, aura reading or palmistry. They may also use one of the many apps that now host fortune-telling services, such as Kasamba, Keen or Intro. These digital products and their physical counterparts are rooted in 19th-century Spiritualism, which was a Christian sect that placed women at the center of its practice. It was assumed that women were ideal channels for spirits, and that their ability to speak with the dead made them a natural link between the church and the women’s rights movement.

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