Founded in 2007, Techradar is a technology news site owned by Future plc. Its editorial teams are located in the US and Australia. Its aim is to provide comprehensive technology news and reviews. It also provides previews and easy-to-follow how-to guides. Its licensed versions are available in many countries. The site’s revenue is derived from ecommerce sales. As of 2013, Techradar was the largest consumer technology news site in the UK. It recently expanded to India.

TechRadar’s technology radar provides a visual representation of technology stacks, and a way to assess and choose the best technologies for current projects. The site’s Technology Radar page allows users to filter the information based on categories and dimensions. Under each filter category, users can select different criteria and receive a score. They can also change the layout of the page and change the colour scheme. Ultimately, it helps users make better technology decisions.

It also provides expert reviews, previews, and news about personal and enterprise technology. It also offers B2B Intent Data. Its editorial team is constantly working to keep up with the latest technology news and trends. They also use analytics tools and other data to inform their decisions.

TechRadar’s editorial team is composed of experts who keep up with the latest technology trends and developments. They also make use of data from the audience development team. ThisĀ this article about internet censorship on information is mixed with their knowledge of the technology to identify blind spots and risks. TechRadar uses these insights to provide precision content packages. It also focuses on delivering content at the right time and in the right place. Ultimately, this allows users to make better decisions regarding their portfolio. It can also help teams identify risks and identify the best technologies to choose for their projects.

The site also has a Platforms page, which allows users to search for specific platforms and explore funding possibilities. The Platforms page also has a form to suggest new platforms to be included in the site. This allows any member of the maker community to add content to the site.

The site also includes an interactive Technology Radar page that explains current and future technology trends. It is completely interactive and reflects the filter settings users choose. The legends on the right side of the page explain the dimensions used in the radar. They also indicate the size of the stage and the colour. The site also has a Settings menu, which allows users to change the dimensions and colours. They can also delete a video from the site.

In addition to its own site, Techradar also operates two spin-off sites: Techradar Australia and Techradar India. These sites are primarily focused on specific sections of the site. They are also based on open source components. It has also expanded its business to the US in January 2012. Techradar is part of Future plc, the sixth largest publisher in the United Kingdom.

It’s important to note that Techradar reviews are generally biased in favor of Apple products. It has written articles like “apple is the future of gaming” that insult educated readers.

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