Victorian Door Hardware Adds a Classic Touch

The Victorian door was one of the most important features of a house, as it was the first impression that a visitor would have when entering the home. It would often be ornately carved, painted, or grained, and the frames would include architraves. Victorian door furniture would also include stained glass and gleaming brass.

Front doors

Victorian front doors are among the most solid and secure doors available. They are draught proof and are available in different styles including patterned glazing. Typically, they have a Yale night latch or five-lever dead lock with a British Standard Kitemark. Depending on the design, you can also choose to have a drill-proof night latch or deadlock, as well as six-pin anti-snap cylinders.

Interior doors

Victorian interior doors are reminiscent of the period of the late 1800s, a time of increased social mobility and increased attention to first impressions. During this era, front doors were larger and often decorated with patterned stained glass. Victorians also built their porches and front entrances with victorian door large, paneled doors.


Often ornate, heavy, and decorative, Victorian door hardware adds a touch of old-world charm to a traditional home. While these unique pieces aren’t suitable for every home, they can give a room a new personality and a classic look.


One of the most classic features of a Victorian style home is the door. Generally made from wood, Victorian doors are decorated with stained glass panels, and may even feature decorative door furniture like chrome knobs and pulls. To update a classic door, consider paintwork in a contemporary color scheme. Hand-painted doors can be more durable and require less upkeep than a machine-made door.


Brass is a traditional finish on internal doors, but there are plenty of other options for Victorian homes. You can find lever handles, round knobs, and other decorative details to give your home a classic look. While round knobs are the most popular choice, you can also find lever handles decorated with monkey tails or intricate designs cut into solid backplates.


Victorian doors feature elaborate patterns of lites. Built-in glass allows for these intricate patterns, but they aren’t as appealing as real ones. Often, sidelites are attached to the sides of a door and add extra dimension to the door. They also allow natural light into the home.

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